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American Nerds Medium Gift box

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American Nerds Gift Box (previously Wonka Nerds)

Contains 5 boxes of Nerds - Surf and Turf, Grape and Strawberry, Peach and Wildberry Double Dipped, Watermelon and Cherry, and 2 boxes of Mini Nerds

Shipped in our Sweets and Treats branded gift box, Quick Dispatch and Delivery

A great American Candy Gift, Perfect for any Nerds Lovers out there!!

A Clear Sweets and Treats American Gift Box filled with yummy nerds imported from the USA!
Each box contains 5 flavours of nerds:
Surf and Turf Nerds
Double Dipped Nerds
Peach and Wildberry Nerds
Grape and Strawberry Nerds
Watermelon and Cherry Nerds
And 2 boxes of mini Nerds
This gift box is a great gift for any Nerds or American Candy lover!
Our branded clear gift box really makes this gift stand out from the crowd!

All these sweets are imported from America.

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