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Dweebs Grape and Blueberry - 6 Pack

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American Sweets

Dweebs Grape and Blueberry

45g Box

Pack of 6

American Candy

Vegan Sweets

Brand new for 2022, DWEEBS® candy is sweet, crunchy, tangy and fun to eat! Shake out a handful and tip them in for a flavour explosion in every chew! Each dual-chamber box contains a wicked combination of two punchy flavours! Enjoy them on their own or mix them together for awesome new flavour combinations!

If you like berry-licious candy, then look no further than this purple and blue DWEEBS duo!

Juicy grape and sweet blueberry offer a burst of very berry flavour in every mouthful!

They're sweet, crunchy and tangy to boot!
The 45g dual-chamber box allows you to enjoy the flavours separately or combine them for a brand new flavour combo experience!

A pack of 6 boxes of Dweebs.

These sweets are imported from America.

 These sweets are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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