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Dweebs Watermelon and Cherry - 6 Pack

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American Sweets

Dweebs Watermelon and Cherry

45g Box

Pack of 6

American Candy

Vegan Sweets

Brand new for 2022, DWEEBS® candy is sweet, crunchy, tangy and fun to eat! Shake out a handful and tip them in for a flavour explosion in every chew! Each dual-chamber box contains a wicked combination of two punchy flavours! Enjoy them on their own or mix them together for awesome new flavour combinations!

DWEEBS candy are sweet, crunchy, tangy, and full of untamed flavour in exciting combinations!

Try them in this delicious combo of watermelon and cherry; two flavours that have gone hand in hand since the dawn of time!
The sweet refreshing taste of watermelon is jazzed up with an invigorating spark of tart cherry flavour!

They're sweet, crunchy and tangy to boot!
The 45g dual-chamber box allows you to enjoy the flavours separately or combine them for a brand new flavour combo experience!

A pack of 6 boxes.

These sweets are imported from America.

 These sweets are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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