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Mallow Cup - 6 Pack

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American Chocolate

Mallo Cup 45g

A pack of 6

American Sweets

The Boyer Candy Company may be best known for their Mallo Cups, which they’ve been making since the 1930s which they claim is the first “cup candy”. (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were introduced in 1928, but were not actually sold in little fluted paper cups at first.)

The interesting thing to note about the Mallo Cups is that they’re not actually marshmallow. Though the name is Mallo Cup, the description on the package says that the center is whipped creme. The Mallo Cups are made with egg whites. That would mean that these are really a meringue creme. The center is a great texture, it’s soft and creamy without too much stickiness.

A pack of 6 Mallow Cups


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