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Retro Pick and Mix Sweets Hamper Box

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Pick and Mix Sweet Hampers

Our Retro Sweets Hamper Box is filled with your favourite retro sweets from your childhood!

A trip down memory lane back to the penny sweets section of the local newsagents!

Over 900g of sweets in total!!

Our Retro Sweets Hamper Box is filled with your favourite pick and mix sweets from your childhood!

Each box contains a bag of each sweet below:

Flying Saucers 30g

Chocolate Footballs 100g

Foam Shrimps and Bananas 100g

Fish and Chips 100g

Swizzels Drumsticks 100g

Swizzels Mini Sweet Mix 100g

Chocolate Mice 100g

Rhubarb and Custard Pencils 120g

Candy Sticks 100g

Icy Cups 63g

A selection of our top selling retro sweets!

All these sweets will come in individual bags inside the hamper so you can enjoy them separately or mix them all together to make a huge pick n mix!

This box contains over 900g of sweets in total!

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