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Swizzels Rainbow Drops - 3 Pack

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Swizzels Rainbow Drops

Pack of 3

96g in Total

Retro Sweets

 These sweets are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

One of Swizzels oldest treats, Rainbow Drops were launched before World War II. Literally. Rainbow Drops were initially created in a sealed vessel and fired out of a large cannon, because…why not?

Step into a world of colour and sweetness with Swizzels Rainbow Drops. These classic and retro treats from Swizzels Matlow offer a fun, sugar-coated experience that’s loved by all ages. Perfect for those nostalgic for childhood flavours or seeking new sweet adventures, these Rainbow Drops are a joy in every party bag.

Every pack of Swizzels Rainbow Drops is bursting with colourful puffed maize and rice, coated with the perfect amount of sweetness. Available in a handy 3-pack, these treats are ready to sweeten up any occasion.

 These sweets are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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