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Tic Tac Fruit Adventure - 4 Pack

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Tics Tacs - Fruit Adventure

cherry, strawberry, passionfruit and lime

Pack of 4 

4 x 18g Packs

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These Tic Tac Fruit Adventure sweets are the perfect little pick me up.

Enjoy the delicious taste of cherry, strawberry, passionfruit and lime all in one pack with Tic Tac's Fruit Adventure.

Tic Tac Fruit Adventure provides little moments of refreshment in a convenient pack with the recognisable Tic Tac rattle. Multipack including 4 packs of 33 sweets.

Tic Tac sparks refreshing moments to be enjoyed anywhere and with anyone.


Tic Tacs are the perfect sweets for a refreshing lift when you are on the go.

A pack of 4 tubs of Fruit Adventure Tic Tacs

Multipack sweets are great value for money!

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