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Warheads Sour Taffy 2 in 1 - 4 Pack

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American Sweets

Warheads Sour Taffy 2 in 1

42g Bar

A pack of 4 Bars

American Candy


American Candy

Since 1985, WARHEADS has set the standard for sour candy. Today WARHEADS is still the candy of choice for the super sour seekers.

This NEW Warheads 2 in 1 Taffy is a sweet, chewy taffy, bursting with 2 different signature Warheads sour flavours! An extraordinary sweet and sour snacking experience.

Assorted flavours include Apple/ and Watermelon or Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.

Four Supplied - We will always try to choose 2 of each flavour where possible.

These sweets are imported from America!

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