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How Much Are Sweetie Hampers in the UK?

If you just can’t think of a thing to buy your loved ones for the holiday season, why not give them a sweetie hamper the UK for a change? Food hampers are one of the best gifts that you can give to friends or family for almost any occasion. And if you know someone who has a sweet tooth and you want to give them a gift that they’re sure to enjoy, sweet hampers make a brilliant and unusual gift.

Below, we’ll give you an idea of how much sweetie hampers cost in the UK. We’ll also discuss why gift hampers are one of the best things you can give to your loved ones.

Sweet Hampers

Why Choose Sweet Hampers as a Gift?

1. They’re a delightful present

A sweet hamper is simply a collection of sweets, chocolates, and other sweet treats that are bundled together in a basket. What makes sweet hampers a delightful gift is the combination of products that will come as a surprise to the recipient when they open the present. You can choose a pre-packaged hamper or select each item individually, so it’s entirely personal to your recipient, depending on your preference.

2. They can be gifted for any occasion

There’s no limit on when you can give gift hampers – they’re well-suited for any occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or to be given as a graduation gift – a sweet hamper will do the job just fine. If you ever find yourself struggling to think of a gift for someone, why not consider this for novelty value alone? And after all, everyone enjoys a treat from time to time. Either choose a pre-made hamper containing a few sweets you know the person likes, or even better, build your own hamper to include their very favorite treats.

Cost of Buying Sweetie Hampers in the UK

The price of sweet hampers in the UK depends on a few factors. Purchasing a complete, ready-to-gift sweet hamper can cost you from £10 and can rise to £20 or even higher, depending on the contents. The higher the price tag generally, the more you can expect a pre-made hamper to have better content in terms of brand and quantities of goodies.

You can have a little more control over the expense of your hamper by buying what you want to include in it and building it yourself. That leaves you free to set a budget and then choose what sweets and candies to include and in what volume.

In all, though, the cost of buying a hamper can be as much or as little as you want it to be. Decide on your budget, and then scan through the available options. You can simply purchase a pre-made hamper for a fixed price, or if you know the person receiving the gift well and want to make the gift extra special, you can design and build your own hamper instead. If you want all the ease, convenience, and affordability of shopping online, we have you covered here at Sweets and Candy. We offer a variety of pre-made sweet hampers in the UK at under £10 and a whole host of other gift baskets to choose from.

The full list of our pre-made hampers is posted on the website, alongside their prices and a breakdown of the contents of each one. Our choices include American sweets hampers in the UK, British sweets, retro sweets, and more. If none of these fits the bill, you can build your own personalized sweetie hamper on the website.

You can purchase an empty hamper box from our online store for just £1.99 and then fill it with sweets and candies purchased from our website. The hamper box can fit 8-10 theatre boxes, 8-10 bags of sweets that can be purchased for £1 each, or 30 chocolate bars. But the important thing is that you can experiment with what you want to include, so your imagination is your only limit when using our website to personalize your own sweetie hamper. From American to British sweets, you can find them all here on our website to be individually purchased or as part of a gift box.

Please refer to our sweet hampers section to find out what you could add to your order. Some gift hampers even come in letterbox size, so they can be easily delivered by post whether the recipient is in or out at the time. If you have any inquiries about your order, contact us by phone at 0121 558 9541. You can also reach us via email at, or through the contact form on this website.



What do we call sweets, candy, and chocolate?

The overarching term for sweets, candy (Americanism - many English-speaking countries prefer the term ‘sweets’), and chocolate is confectionery. The term includes candied nuts, chocolates, chewing gum, bubble gum, pastilles, and other sweets that are largely composed of sugar. Retro sweet hampers in the UK can include any or all of the above.

What do you put in the chocolate hamper?

It’s as simple as it sounds: stuff it with anything from truffles and creams to drinking chocolate and slabs of milk, white and dark chocolate. Make it really personal by adding the recipient’s favorite bar or flavor of chocolate into the mix, if you know it. Any chocoholic will love a variety to choose from.

Can I order sweets online?

Yes, but choose a trusted supplier to ensure quality and freshness. You’ve come to the right place here if you’re looking for sweetie baskets in the UK that are sold online. We have a large range of sweet items, hampers, and chocolates available online. What’s more, we offer fast and sometimes free sweet delivery across the United Kingdom.

What sweets can you only buy in the UK?

There are plenty of candies and sweets that only seem to be on offer here and that we can include in our sweetie hampers in the UK. These include Licorice Allsorts, Smarties, Cadbury’s chocolate, the Kinder Surprise eggs, and Bounty bars, to name but a few. Wine gums, seaside rock and Flakes are also unavailable abroad.

Is it okay to eat candy?

Sweets can be incorporated into a healthy, lifelong diet and can be enjoyed in moderation. Aim for only having small portions or only eating them a couple of times a week. This may seem hard, but you’ll enjoy them all the more if they’re just an occasional treat.

When did hampers start?

Hampers containing various foodstuffs were first brought to Britain from France by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. They were often forms of charity filled with food and beverages to give poor households food that would last for weeks. They’ve evolved into boxes and baskets of consumables given as gifts on many occasions, including the ever-popular UK-based sweet baskets.

Reasons Why a Chocolate Hamper Makes a Great Gift

Chocolate hampers in the UK are easy to love, and there are types to suit most people’s preferences. For one thing, almost everybody loves chocolate, whether milk, white, or dark chocolate. Hampers are fully customizable, so they allow the giver not only to tailor the basket to the recipient but also to the specific occasion. You could also add a gift such as a book, a small plant, or an item of jewelry if you want a lasting memento for the receiver to keep.

Chocolate or sweet hampers are also affordable and can be ordered online and delivered straight to your loved one if you’re unable to be with them on their special day.

Benefits of Sending Out Gift Baskets

Giving gifts can become stressful and intimidating especially if you don’t know what to choose. Sweet hampers are very often a good place to start. You can make up a parcel of their favorite sweets and add small trinkets and items that you will know they love. These can be great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and more. You can order a pre-made sweet hamper online and have it delivered pretty quickly if you’re short on time.

There are also online stores that let you customize your gift baskets with a host of varieties of sweets and chocolates from the UK and abroad, such as American sweets. Whether you choose a pre-made gift or one where you’ve selected the contents yourself, it’s sure to be popular with your loved one.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Not everyone loves dark chocolate, but did you know it’s a healthier option? It can easily be incorporated into a diet and is also packed with nutrients. Here are some benefits of eating dark chocolate:

• Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants which can lessen the formation of plaque on the teeth.

• It promotes healthy and improved blood circulation in the body.

• The flavonoids found in dark chocolate help relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure, minimizing the risk of strokes.

• It contains compounds that lower cholesterol levels.

• It has anti-inflammatory properties and can balance blood sugar levels. Of course, moderation is key!

why should you get sweetie hampers in the UK

Tips On How to Choose a Perfect Candy Store Online

When it comes to selecting an online sweet shop to buy gifts from, it’s important to find a reputable one. This makes it more certain that you’ll get high-quality products that your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

First of all, identify what kinds of sweets and arrangements you are looking for. Check what brands the company offers and what varieties they have. Then, look for reviews from past customers and make sure the clear majority have positive things to say about the company. Finally, check their delivery policy and costs to make sure your gift will arrive when you need it to and that you won’t have to pay the earth.

For a shop that ticks all boxes, check out Sweets and Candy now. We have the widest variety of products for amazing sweet hampers, whatever the occasion!

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