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Personalised Retro Sweet Hampers: How to Build Them

Choosing a pre-made sweet hamper may save you time and effort, but if you are sending one to a close friend or relative, then sometimes, you’ll want to personalise the contents to suit their likes and personality. Did you know that you can pick and choose what goes into our retro sweet hampers to really give your gift a bespoke feel? In this blog, we’ll offer some tips on creating sweet hampers that are tailored to the people you’re gifting them to.

Retro Sweet Hamper

Tips for Building Your Own Retro Sweet Hampers

1. Know your loved one’s preferences

Retro sweet hampers can send people on a real nostalgia trip, taking them back to their childhood and reminding them of happy, carefree days. That’s often why they make great presents for a sibling, cousin, or another relative who’s close in age to you – you’ll probably have a good idea of their favourites when they were a child. You can pick a selection of the sweets you shared together to personalize their sweet hamper around their tastes.

But even if you’re a lot younger than them and haven’t heard them mention particular sweets they loved in their younger days, that’s no real barrier to personalising a gift hamper for them. Just select a wide mix of the many retro sweets on offer, and even the familiarity of the wrappers alone will fill them with a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. You can still tailor the content around themes you know they love. If you know they’re particularly fond of chocolate, say, you could focus on mainly chocolate based sweet treats.

If you have no real idea of their likes and dislikes, just opt for a range of items, from hard-boiled sweets to chocolate and other types of candy. They’re sure to recognize the effort you’ve put into compiling a gift that reminds them of the old days.

2. Avoid items the gift receiver can’t eat

Many of us nowadays have dietary limitations such as food allergies or have made choices about our diets, such as veganism. If you know the recipient is more selective for necessary health reasons or out of choice, try and tailor the hamper’s contents around those needs. Some people are allergic to nuts, for instance, so steer clear of any sweets that may contain them.

We have a whole range of vegan sweets you can draw from if that’s something you think your friend or loved one would prefer because of their lifestyle choices. There’s even a wide range of sugar-free sweets for diabetics or others who are trying to control their sugar intake.

Then, you may know that your gift receiver doesn’t like particularly hard or sour sweets – obviously, steer clear of these too!

3. Include a personalized message

Make your gift even more special and ensure the recipient knows you’ve really thought about them by including a personalized message. You don’t have to write a lengthy, heartfelt message in a letter. A simple card with a greeting that’s relevant to the occasion being celebrated is plenty. What’s more, you can ask the seller to gift wrap the retro sweet hamper if you want that extra ‘wow factor with your gift.

Take your loved ones on a trip down memory lane with the retro sweets that we offer here at Sweets and Candy. From 80s retro sweets hamper to candies suitable for vegans, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit practically anyone on your present list in our store.

Some of the sweets in our pick and mix sweet hamper selection include Sherbet Fountains, Icy Cups, Anglo Bubbly, and Refreshers. Most of the retro sweets we offer can be added to your custom hamper for just £1, while some are available for £10 and above.

Our sweet hamper box can fit a variety of sweets with a total weight of 2-3kg, and all of the contents can be customized – as long as they fit! Visit the retro sweets section on this website to view our impressively full selection of retro sweets that you can buy from our online store. You can also find a more detailed breakdown of the sweets that you could include in our custom hamper box.

Whether you’re buying one of our pre-made retro sweets hampers or you want to pick and choose your own to make your own hamper at home, you’ll find just what you need here at Sweets and Candy. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch by phone at 0121 558 9541 or drop us an email at You can also use the contact form on with any queries, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



What is a hamper?

A hamper is traditionally a woven basket filled with food and drink given as a present on different occasions. Classic sweet hampers are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow. Now, the word ‘hamper’ is used to describe a wide variety of containers not necessarily made from wicker but attractive when gifting items nonetheless.

What are hampers used for?

Here in the United Kingdom, hampers (also known as wicker baskets) are used primarily to transport various items – most notably food products. Today, hampers aren’t just limited to this purpose anymore. Many people choose to lovingly decorate hampers and give them as a gift or token of appreciation during special occasions.

What to put in a hamper?

A topic ties all of the components of your retro sweet hamper together. Selecting the contents around the recipient’s interests and personality, or marking an occasion such as Christmas with festive-themed treats, will help you create a thoughtful present that they’ll treasure. If you don’t know their precise tastes, pick a wide mix, and you’re sure to hit the mark.

Are hampers a good gift?

Hampers are one of the most thoughtful gifts available and make a great gift for a whole family or an individual. They’re flexible and can be customised to the receiver’s tastes in a way that few other gifts can. You can pick and choose the contents to suit your personal preferences, and they’re an indulgence on a special occasion.

What are retro sweets?

Retro sweets are classic sweets that people remember from their childhoods. We class them as the popular sweets the people in the late 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s enjoyed when they were kids. At Sweets and Candy, you can find a host of top-quality choices, including liquorice, bonbons, sherbet dips, and more.

How do you build your own sweet hamper?

Build your own sweet hamper by looking through the categories available and choosing the sweets you’d like to include. As you make your selection, each choice is highlighted. Then, you can change the number of items using the buttons beneath each sweet. Fill up your basket or hamper, then click to go to the checkout and add a gift note.

About Delectable Retro Sweet Hampers in the UK

We live in difficult times at the moment, and often, there doesn’t seem like there’s much good news. It’s tempting to look back to our childhoods when life seemed simpler and wish for those days again. One small way you can help brighten someone’s day is with retro hampers. These help people recapture childhood memories with their familiar packaging and comforting, classic tastes.

Whether it’s the fizz of sherbet on your tongue, the uniquely cool, melting sensation of an icy cup or the crunch of a jawbreaker, these sweets can instantly take us back to our younger days of school and playground rivalry. Many adults might remember wishing they had unlimited sweets, so the pleasure never ended. With retro sweet hampers, that wish can come true! Of course, the contents of the hamper won’t last forever, but there’ll be plenty to keep even the sweetest tooth chewing for quite a while.

Fun Facts About Retro Sweets and Candy: Trip Down to Memory Lane

For many people, these delightful, spherical bonbons are an unforgettable part of their young lives. ‘Bonbon’ is a French term from the word ‘bon’, which means ‘good’. It’s used in the UK in plenty of well-known, everyday phrases like ‘bon appétit’ and ‘bon voyage’, among others. Technically speaking, bonbon means something like ‘very good’.

The first mention of bonbons was, of course, in France. In the 17th century, these sweet treats were made for members of the French royal court. On the continent, these sweets have a hard molded outer shell of chocolate, which contrasts with a soft and gooey interior, often of fruit, ganache or nougat. The bonbons in Britain, on the other hand, are small, chewy sweets that are toffee or fruit-flavored and are coated with a thick layer of dusted sugar. You can find these in our store, where they’re often a firm favorite in retro or childhood sweet hampers.

Why We Like Sweets

“There’s a biological imperative for us to crave sugar and fat,” says Diana Sugiuchi, a licensed nutritionist and registered dietitian with the Baltimore-based Nourish Family Nutrition. “They provide us with fast energy, which was pretty ideal when we were evolving as a species. Our brains are biologically programmed to seek out these sugars”. Sugiuchi suggests that sugar is addictive in the same way illegal drugs are but quickly adds that this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to quit.

Although many of us are tempted to eat sweets, not everyone has a sweet tooth. Benjamin Caballero of The John Hopkins Global Center on Childhood Obesity states that we can taste sweetness as early as infancy and recognize it. “Whether you enjoy sweets is determined by whether your parents ate them,” he adds. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt we love our sweets in the UK, and provided they’re eaten in moderation, there’s no harm in the odd treat, especially at Christmas and on other special occasions! If you or a loved one enjoy sweets, head to Sweets and Candy where our impressive selection will have you salivating and filling your shopping cart with some of the best sweets, old and new, on the market.

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