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Lockdown Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas When You Can’t Party

While we hope that the worst of lockdown restrictions are now at an end, it’s likely that disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is likely to persist in one form or another for some time to come. But kids still have birthdays, and for them, not celebrating them in any shape or form can be distressing. However, there are still ways to make the day a special one, even if numbers at parties have to be limited, are affected by guests quarantining, or get suddenly canceled altogether. One thing that always goes down a treat in our experience is a delicious kid’s sweet hamper to mark their special day. And alongside sweet hampers, this article offers a few more ideas to make a child’s party more special, even if pandemic rules and regulations threaten to get in the way.

Retro Sweet Hamper

Online Party

Although health guidelines or restrictions may mean not everyone can get together in the same location, online video conferencing is one way to keep everyone connected. Parents can host a remote call to allow kids to see Granny and Grandad or other family and loved ones through their app of choice. It may not be quite the same, but technology can help in shielding relatives and friends join in the fun remotely. Try using a large-screened smart TV to make things seem grander.

You can even send the participants a package in advance to get everyone in a festive mood – try including party hats, balloons, and banners, for instance, to make the remote guests feel they’re part of the event. You can run online games and other activities to keep them feeling involved. Games like charades, trivia quizzes, and the like can be a real ice breaker and get everyone having fun together, wherever they are.

Virtual escape rooms are also worth considering for celebrating an older child’s birthday. These are based on team-building activities and are sure to make things a lot more interesting. They’re increasingly common these days, and you can find various themes, so you can pick one that will match your young teen’s interests.


A birthday just isn’t a birthday without balloons! Choose the room where your child usually opens their presents and decorate it with balloons, streamers and banners once they’ve gone to bed the night before. Then, when they wake up, ask them to close their eyes before entering for a memorable surprise.

You can buy personalised balloons with your child’s name and age, character balloons with their favourite cartoon or TV show featured on them, or just opt for their favourite colour - the choices are seemingly endless. Look online for the best selection with the least hassle.

Balloons can also be used as centerpieces for a party table, and of course, for guests who are able to be present, there are plenty of balloon games to liven up the proceedings.


A child’s birthday party is never complete without a cake. Just like balloons, there is plenty of choices here. If you don’t fancy trying your hand at making one at home, you’ll find a decent array at your local supermarket. Alternatively, if you want a cake no other child will have had at their party, you can commission a cake from your local independent baker – there are growing numbers of small, independent businesses nowadays offering just this service.

The usual rules apply – make sure the cake is personalized to your child’s tastes in terms of colours, flavours and so on. You can even buy or commission cakes themed around your kid’s favourite TV show or pop band. If only a few people are able to attend on the day, though, don’t opt for too large a cake, otherwise, you’ll be eating leftovers for days!

Birthday Sweets

Birthdays only happen once a year, so why not treat your child to a special selection of sweets? kid's sweet hampers are a fantastic addition to any birthday celebration, either to liven up the party or for your child to enjoy over the days following their special one. Rationing them over the week to come means your child will feel their birthday lasts even longer.

Pick out their favourite sweets or some they may not have tried before from a trusted store like ours, and make sure you stock up on some loose sweets for the kids’ party bags and the adults to enjoy too!

You’ll have heard the saying ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’ – well, as a special treat, why not let the birthday boy or girl loose on a sweet retailer’s website and let them choose their own? Don’t forget to put an upper price limit on this activity, though.


Gifts, of course, are a must for any birthday. They may have specified exactly what they want, or particularly with younger children, they may not yet know what they’d like. Either way, it’s worth putting thought and effort into the present buying to make them feel special and important.

If they can’t think of one large item they’d like to receive, why not borrow the sweet hamper idea and make them up a little gift hamper with a few smaller presents that add up in value? Decorate a box and wrap each present individually, and they’ll have lots of fun opening each one. Ideas to include could be a figurine of a character from a TV show they like watching, cozy pajamas, stationery items, a book, and of course, a selection of their favourite sweets! The excitement of unwrapping all these things is sure to take their mind off any restrictions on parties or visitors that might otherwise spoil what’s meant to be a memorable day.

Sweets For Your Party

One thing that makes birthday parties great is the edible treats that come with them. If you plan on buying one or more sweet hampers for your child’s birthday celebration, then you need to make sure that you’re getting the best confectionery money can buy.

At Sweets and Candy, we carry a wide range of candies that are sure to put a smile on the birthday celebrant’s face. You can choose from different flavours, designs, colours, and themes; you name it. Our prices are also some of the most competitive on the market, so you get real value for money when you buy from us.

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