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Satisfy your taste buds with our Easter eggs, sweets, & candies

Easter is almost approaching, and it's time to celebrate with loved ones and friends while enjoying Easter eggs, sweets & candy. We at Sweets & Candy like the celebrations which is why we have put together a delicious assortment of Easter sweets, chocolate, and candies to make your festivities even more delicious.

Before we show you our collection are you curious as to why Easter involves eggs and why eggs have come to be associated with Easter? Well, we thus assume that you are now interested and want to discover what Easter is all about. Here are some interesting Easter fun facts to help you understand the history of this cherished custom.

Easter Fun Facts: 

  • Eggs are considered the symbol of new life, fertility, and rebirth in many cultures, making them a perfect fit for a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Eggs have been an essential part of Easter celebrations for centuries. Egg consumption at Easter is a custom associated with Lent and fasting. Eggs were traditionally hard-boiled, decorated, and saved for Easter.
  • Considering the tradition of Easter and eggs Cadbury one of the biggest chocolate brands launched its first Easter egg line in 1875, and it was an instant hit. Since then Easter sweets egg has been famous and people today buy them to gift their loved ones.

  • Easter also holds an amazing fact of the most expensive Easter egg!! Yes, this tradition sounds simple and sweet but people do know how to make it grand and enjoyable. The most expensive edible Easter egg ever made cost £50,000 and was encrusted with over a hundred half-carat diamonds.

  • The facts for Easter just don’t stop here! Not only Easter eggs are famous but Easter Bunny is yet another very popular symbol of this tradition. It is believed to have originated from the Pagan festival of Eostre, the goddess of fertility whose animal symbol was a bunny. The bunny was later adopted by Christians and became a popular Easter symbol.

Are you astounded that you now know so many interesting facts about Easter? You should be, given that this ritual involves a lot of creme-filled chocolates, sugary treats, and the Eggstravaganza line of candy. 

Our Easter Collection:

We are sure you would agree that what better way to indulge your sweet tooth than with some of our Easter sweets, candies, and chocolates? At Sweets and Candy, we are excited to bring you a range of delightful Easter treats that will leave you wanting more.

Cadbury Easter Sweets:

As we have already mentioned, Cadbury is one of the most well-known brands, which got its start with the chocolate Easter eggs that people are still buying today. The reason is that it includes a huge variety, and we have a good number of these in stock from this enormous range:

Cadbury Milk Buttons Easter Egg, Cadbury creme Egg, Cadbury Milk Hollow Bunny, Caramel Egg, Freddo faces Easter Egg, Mini Egg Carton, Hot cross Easter Bunny Bar and many more. 

Hershey’s Easter Sweets: 

Early in the 19th century, Hershey's started producing Easter chocolates, which have since become well-known for their distinctive flavours and designs. Hershey's sells millions of their renowned Easter Bunny chocolate over the whole Easter season. They have an enormous assortment of Easter sweets, which includes: Hershey’s Cookies & Creme Bunny, Hershey’s Chocolate Build-a-Bunny, and Milk Chocolate Eggs. 

Other Easter Sweets: 

As you would discover if you ventured out into the market many more companies provide a broad variety of Easter chocolates in addition to the two major names. Out of which even we have several items that are the season's top sellers:  Peeps Marshmallows chicks, M&M Eggs, Smarties Mini Eggs, Reese's Pieces Mini Eggs, Kit Kat Bunnies, and Maltesers eggs, and bunnies chocolate. 

What more you can get @Sweets and Candy for Easter?

For those who prefer something other than chocolate, we have a range of other sweets and candies that will satisfy any sweet tooth. From Pick and Mix sweets to American sweets & Candies. Our other sweets and Candies selection is sure to delight. 

Additionally, Easter is also the perfect time to buy sweet hampers for your loved ones. Whether you prefer Cadbury's, Hershey’s, or Kinder’s, we have all your favorite chocolate, sweets & candies brands. You can also grab pick and mix sweets share bags for something different other than just chocolates to gift a unique hamper that is tailored to your loved one's tastes. And the best part? All our Easter sweets & candies are delivered directly to your door, making it easier than ever to create a special Easter surprise.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with our Easter sweets, Chocolates, and candies. Whether you are looking for a classic Cadbury's Easter egg or something a little different like American Easter Sweets, we have a range of treats to suit all tastes. And with our delivery service, you can enjoy Easter treats without even leaving your home.

Happy Easter!

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