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What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Sweet Hampers Online?

Sweets and Candy is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth, and it’s time for a feast! If you are on the hunt for special or specific sweets, we have a delicious stock of various iconic brands, including Airheads, Vidal, M&M,  Barratts, Reeses's, Tilley’s, Taveners, Hannah’s, Stockley’s, and more! Whether you are looking for traditional English sweets, your favourite American sweets, bulk pick & mix bags, or our specialty, personalized sweet hampers, we are the place to come!

You can never go wrong with food hampers. Every one adores them, and there’s no wonder they have been so popular for so long. But in a unique new twist, we have come up with the sweetest basket on the market! Learn more about our sweet hampers today. We’re sure you’ll feel just like a kid in a candy store.

American Sweets Hamper

A Sweet Sentiment

Want to brighten up someone’s day? Why not send them a special sweet hamper? Our team has curated thoughtful sweet collections that include an exciting variety of treats. Here are four reasons why our delectable hampers make a wonderful gift for your family or friends.

A Ready-to-Unwrap Gift

Our sweet hampers are carefully and beautifully packaged for a memorable picture-perfect moment. Place your order online, and we can deliver it directly to your loved one with no fuss. It’s a delightful gift: appealing to the eyes and mouth-watering too.

Pre-Packed Assortment of Sweets

Here, you’ll be able to find just the right package for anyone in your family or friendship circle. We have a host of different combinations to create the perfect American candy hamper: why not try an all cherries and berries candy hamper, a Wonka’s best hamper, or one of the others from our extensive range?

Build-Your-Own Option

If the recipient has a specific taste in sweets, that’s no problem. You also have the option to create your very own hamper personalized to their requirements. You can purchase the hamper or box by itself and order each of the sweets on your list separately. We will put them together to create one giant sweet hamper delivery. To make sure that the whole hamper is sufficiently filled up but not over-stuffed, we’ll provide you with a guide on how much each container can hold. We’ll help you make sure the package is beautiful both inside and out!

Low-Cost and Free Deliveries

Alongside the yummy treats, we also offer our customers the ultimate in convenience. Without having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home, your friends and family can enjoy your gift in theirs. We can deliver straight to their doorstep, hassle-free, and for the lowest possible shipping cost.

A Delight For Any Special Occasion

Sweets are a special gift that will be welcomed by almost anyone. Our hampers are perfect for any celebration and will show how much you understand your recipient’s taste. Here are a few ideas of when sweet hampers would make a perfect, thoughtful gift.

Birthday Present

Make someone feel special on their birthday with a box full of their favorite sweets! They will be touched by how well you know them. Remember that you have the option to personalize the sweets included in the hamper, so why not pick their favorite childhood sweets from our retro picks selection?

Contest Prizes/ Rewards

American sweet hampers are a great way to let someone know they have done a great job in the workplace and keep them motivated. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a luscious hamper of sweets after working hard? Alternatively, why not buy them for a raffle at a school fete or other event?

Wedding Giveaway

Special guests deserve a special gift. Give them a reminder of your special day by giving them something sweet to take home. Our exquisitely packaged hampers make these an, even more, one-of-a-kind memorable gift.

Valentine’s Gift

Why settle for a cliched bouquet of flowers? Express your love and appreciation by giving your other half an indulgent gift. It is also a way to tell them how sweet you think they are! We have a wide selection of chocolates to choose from.

Care Package

Sweets are an easy way to cheer a friend up if they’re feeling low. If you want to send your thoughts to someone who’s having a rough time, a sweet hamper will do the trick perfectly.

Bespoke Sweet Hampers

Our hampers all come specially packaged. However, if you have a creative streak and have something original or extraordinary in mind, get creative by adding a heartfelt message, or let us know if you have a specific design in mind for your hamper. If you can’t find the perfect hamper for someone special in our shop, we can go the extra mile and create a bespoke set. We know that the best sweetie hampers in the UK are ones devised especially by our customers. Send us a message via our contact details below, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Sweet Hampers and More!

Here at Sweets and Candy, we’re always happy to help you find whatever your heart desires. We also cater to retail and wholesale customers.

Need your own order of bulk sweets for a special occasion or event? Our 3kg packs are perfect for sweet jars, pick & mix stands, kids' parties, and other events! With our terrific range of sweets, you’ll be able to set up an irresistible spread that is sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

Our deals are suitable for resellers and sweet shops as well. With our competitive prices, you get to enjoy an abundance of sweets selected from one of the widest assortments around.

Sweet HampersContact Us Today

We are here, ready to help you send your love. In these trying times, we could all do with thoughtful gestures that show we care and are cared about. A simple act like sending someone you love a hamper of sweets is sure to make their day. If you have any questions about our products and deliveries, feel free to reach out to us anytime. If you would like something specific, either as a gift or for your shop inventory, but can’t find it on the Sweets and Candy website, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we will try and source it for you. Send all inquiries here:  You can also get in touch with us via phone at 01215589541.


1. What is a hamper in the UK?

A hamper refers to a basket-like object that contains a number of items that belong together. The term originally derives from a large wicker basket that was used to package and transport objects, most commonly food items, mainly throughout Britain.

2. Are hampers a good present?

A sweet and chocolate hamper makes an excellent present for a variety of occasions. The best gifts show that you have put time and effort into thinking about what the recipient would like, and hand-selecting the contents from our extensive range of sweets and chocolates is much more personal than just sending an off-the-shelf selection.

3. Who invented hampers

The French introduced the first hampers to England in the 11th century. These were woven baskets, made mostly of willow, used to carry food and drink on hunting expeditions or long journeys. Hampers really became popular in Victorian times. Today, you can buy anything from hampers that include fine foods and wines to American sweet hampers.

4. Can I order sweets online?

Yes, there are lots of stores online where you can buy chocolates or candy for any occasion. Online, you can find a wide selection of sweet snacks, hampers, and chocolates. Additionally, you can find stores that offer swift and free retro sweet hampers distribution in the United Kingdom.

5. Is it okay to eat candy?

Plenty of us have a sweet tooth or are candy addicts. Sweets can still be part of your long-term diet plan, provided you eat them moderately. Moderation is key to ensuring the least amount of damage to your health and your teeth. Candies in a basket should be consumed as an occasional treat or limited to a few days per week.

6. What do you put in the chocolate hamper?

Sweet hampers in the UK from a good supplier can be filled with any chocolate product you like, from truffles and creams to drinking chocolate and slabs of milk, white, and dark chocolate. The choice is yours. If you’re filling a sweet hamper for someone else, why not make it extra special by including their favorite chocolate bar?

7. How do you wrap a hamper?

Place the sweets hamper on its side on top of the wrapping paper, fold the wrapping paper’s edge over the bottom flap’s edge, and staple. Turn the box over to the other side, cut the paper from the roll to the appropriate size, and repeat. Cut through the excess paper on either side of the stapled box flaps.

8. How do you make a gift hamper?

If you’re making one at home, crumple up some newspaper and cover it with a decorative sheet of cloth, tissue paper, or wrapping paper. You can reuse the filler from sweetie hampers in the UK that other people may have sent you as another great source of filler. Why not save materials like the packaging used in online shopping deliveries?

9. How do you pack a chocolate basket?

Use any chocolates in a box as a starting, focal point, then insert dry foam wedges (like the oasis used in dried flower arrangements) around the chocolates. Attach smaller bars and sweets to short wooden sticks with transparent tape, then position them where you wish in the dry foam. You can use tissue paper to cover any blank spaces.

10. What do you put in a Christmas food hamper?

A sweets gift basket makes an ideal Christmas treat hamper by itself, or you can choose a selection of sweets and candies from our store to add to other goods like preserves, fruitcakes, chocolate, dried meats, and cheese that all have a long shelf life. The more creative, the better!

11. Facts About Gift Hampers

Gift hampers were first commercialized and distributed to employees by affluent families in the United Kingdom in Victorian times, and the idea quickly spread across the British Empire. Hampers are always traditionally filled with food and drink and gifted to people on birthdays or during religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. In olden times, due to transportation constraints, the size of the hamper was usually limited to a small wicker basket that could be carried comfortably on foot. Once the railway network was extended throughout the United Kingdom, gift hampers became even more extravagant, and people started sending them to friends and relatives all over the country. While hampers are now much more diverse and entertaining, the concept remains the same. Almost everything can be used to make up a hamper. Whatever your friends’ and relatives’ desires or hobbies are, there is bound to be a hamper to suit their tastes. They make a great gift for boys and girls, not to mention adult relatives or friends, or even for pets. Hampers today range from childhood-remembered sweet treats in a basket like jelly beans to very useful gift hampers intended for new mothers and their newborn babies.

12. Tips On Choosing The Perfect Candy Store Online

During the holiday season, we all love to indulge ourselves and others with treats that we wouldn’t normally eat throughout the year, from chocolate to candies in a gift box. With hundreds of online candy stores to choose from, it can be hard to find the best one for your requirements. Here are some pointers to help you find a reputable online candy shop.

1. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for

Think about the gift’s recipient and what their tastes are. The gift is much more special if you show you’ve considered their likes and dislikes when building your hamper.

2. Look for a store in the UK

Buying from a store that’s based in the UK has several advantages, not least that your hamper or gift will tend to arrive quicker than if you’re ordering from overseas. Buying known brands from the UK is also a better guarantee of a quality, safe product.

3. Check out customer testimonials

Before you place your order, check online reviews. One or two negative ones in a host of positive testimonials are usually nothing to worry about, but if there are a large number of customers dissatisfied with the products or services they have received from a specific store, look elsewhere.

13. Health Benefits Of Eating Candies And Sweets

Adults always tell kids that sweets are bad for them, but in fact, there’s research to show that in moderation, eating candy really can have some health benefits. Here are four:

1. Consuming sweet treats in moderation – one to three times monthly – can help you live longer.

2. A sugar rush is a great way of boosting willpower when you’re engaged in a difficult or lengthy task.

3. Chewing gum can increase serotonin levels, reduce stress, and improve mental focus.

4. There’s some reason to believe that chocolate may help lower the risk of heart disease.

Sweets and candies have a special place in everyone’s life, whether that’s bringing back favorite childhood memories or celebrating a special event. If you’re interested in finding out about our vast selection of confectionary and beautifully presented sweet hampers for any occasion, head over to Sweets and Candy’s homepage to learn more.

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