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7 Must-Try Halloween Sweets for the Spooky Season

Halloween is one of the holidays everyone is looking forward to, especially amongst children! It is a time of the year when people get dressed up as their favorite characters, visit haunted houses, tell scary stories, trick-or-treat, light a bonfire, and indulge themselves in some sweet treats. 

The spooks and scares are great, but let's face it: Halloween is really about the sweets! While you can always load up on traditional sweets, you'll be the most fabulous house on the street if you throw some Halloween treats into the mix.

Halloween Sweets

The most important question you are considering right now is where to buy. Don't worry, this spooky season we've covered you with the most delicious and spooktacular sweets.

Take a look at our most terrifying and delicious spooky Halloween sweets collection! 

1. Gummy Dracula Teeth:

Gummy Dracula Teeth are one of the most popular Halloween sweets. We offer these Dracula teeth sweets, which come in fizzy and non-fizzy flavors, in the shape of sharp teeth! Gummy Dracula Teeth are a delicious and fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Gummy Dracula Teeth - Halloween Sweets

2. Witches Heads:

Have a spooktacular Halloween with these delicious multicolored jelly strawberry-flavored witches' heads (with a slightly sour taste!) The perfect treat this Halloween to get us all in the mood for some ghoulish fun.

Witches Heads

3. Jelly pumpkin:

Jelly pumpkins are must-have sweets in your trick-or-treat basket! They are pumpkin-shaped gummies that taste like pumpkin pie filling! They also make a great addition to your party food table or can be a sweet treat for your guests. You can find them in our pick and mix sweets section!

Jelly Pumpkins - Halloween Sweets

4. Jelly-filled skulls:

These super spooky and delicious sweets are perfect for Halloween night. Delectable fruit flavor in the shape of the skeleton can be a lot of fun for the kids! These jelly-filled skulls are also available in pick and mix share bags and are perfect for handing out to trick or treaters.

Jelly Filled Skulls - Halloween Sweets

5. Swizzels Vegetarian:

Yummy sweet swizzles candies taste as good as they are always vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Enjoy Halloween with Sugary Sweet taste Drumstick, Love Hearts, Refreshers, Double Lollies, Fruity Lollies, and Parma Violets as they are always in demand and a great choice for Halloween sweets. 

Swizzles Vegetarian Mix

6. Bloody eyes:

If you don’t want to spend a lot but still want some spooky sweets, try these bloody eye sweets without spending too much. They are perfect for a Halloween sweets buffet. Browse our one pound sweets section to find more sweets and treats.

Bloody Eyes Halloween Sweets

7. Spooky mix:

The spooky mix is one of our best-selling sweets available in share bags. They are full of popular sweets like jelly bones, pumpkins, red devils, witches, vampire teeth, skulls, bloody eyes, and brains! These are the perfect treat to give out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night!

Spooky Pick and Mix Sweets

Make this Halloween a tasty and spooky one!

Whether you are looking to add the best sweets to trick-or-treaters, or theme parties for children, we’ve got you covered. Start adding your favorite Halloween sweets in your stock from Visit our online sweets store and find all the sweets you need to make your Halloween season more unique and memorable!

Happy Halloween!

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