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What to Include in Hampers for Kids, Teens, and Adults

There are certain times of the year when it’s acceptable to give yourself a treat, regardless of how healthy you aim to be the rest of the time. And most people love a few sweets or chocolate now and then, which is why different hampers like American sweet hampers, retro candies, and so on are a really good choice when it comes to gifts. Sweet hampers are great to celebrate any occasion and are sure to add a special something to almost anyone’s big day.

Make Hampers for Kids

Few kids don’t go nuts for practically any kind of sweets. That means you’re completely spoiled for choice when building a hamper for the children in your life. That makes it hard to pick, but really, your best bet is to go for variety when selecting a sweet hamper for them.

The array of choices will thrill them – as the popular saying goes, they’ll be just like a child in a sweet shop. Pick from one of our pre-packaged variety packs, like the Swizzels collections, or pick and choose different types from across our ranges – they’ll love having so much to choose from.

Here are a few ideas:


Celebrations contain miniature versions of all the Mars brand’s favorite chocolates. This means more varieties for the young ones to enjoy. These aren’t themed in any way, so you can add them no matter what the occasion is.

Chocolate Coins

Great for Christmas, which is when these are usually given, these come in milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors. But they don’t have to be saved for December. They’re also great for birthdays and even just as a reward for good grades.

Milk Chocolate Mini Tool Kit Box

Kids love this when they find it in their sweet hamper. These novelty chocolates are shaped like tools to help their imaginations run free while enjoying a delicious treat. They’re an absolute favorite for children interested in helping out with little DIY jobs around the home.

Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies

These squirlies are a new type of creature that kids love to munch on. These mini bites are made from caramel and wrapped in delicious Cadbury’s milk chocolate.

White Mice Bars

White Mice are white chocolate treats shaped like mice – kids adore them. They’re great for party bags and ideal for even quite young children who’ll adore the soft, creamy texture.

Make Hampers for Teens

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for, but they’re still so close to their childhood that there aren’t many who would turn their noses up at a hamper full of sweets. There are still some options that are more likely to appeal to older kids, though – we’ve listed a few options below.

Tic Tacs

Cute little flavor bursts in mint flavor to freshen the breath or fruity flavors to give your teen a bit of a lift while they’re studying or between meals, these are universally popular. They come in a handy, small container that can be popped in the pocket when they’re out and about, too, great for teens who are often found hanging out with their friends.

Walkers Toffees and Chocolate Eclairs

This jar is a selection of traditional toffees and chocolate sweets. It looks a bit more grown-up, something the adults might treat themselves to, so it’s ideal for teens who think they’re just a bit too old for gobstoppers and cola bottles.

Bassetts Wine Gums

Another long-standing favorite with adults, the name will impress younger teens who’ll view them as a bit more grown-up than other shaped gummy sweets. Delicious fruity flavors and not at all alcoholic as the name suggests, wine gums are good fun all around.

Bassetts Sports Mix

These harder-to-chew fruit-flavored sweets in classic sports gear shapes are a brilliant choice for sports-minded teens who enjoy watching and following sports. The shapes include sailing boats, rugby balls, tennis racquets, and more.

American Sweet Hamper

Teenagers tend to like anything out of the ordinary, so if you’re stuck for choice, a hamper packed with sweets that are highly popular in the USA can make a great alternative gift. Let them try sweets they may never have experienced in childhood with one of these, for the added cool factor.

Make Hampers for Adults

If you are compiling a hamper for an adult, then you can’t go wrong with taking them back to their childhood. Picking out a selection of retro sweets is a sure way of bringing back a host of happy memories. Here’s our pick for your hamper:

Chocolate Icy Cups

Nothing screams vintage more than these chocolate cups. How have they made chocolate that feels cold as it melts on the tongue? Seems like nobody knows, but most adults will appreciate the thrill of peeling back that brightly colored foil and popping them in their mouth to enjoy slowly.

Anglo Bubbly

These retro bubble gums offered countless hours of fun in the school playground, competing with each other to blow the biggest bubble. Bring back happy memories by adding them to your hamper.

Rolla Belts

There is so much choice here; these come in a host of flavors. Even the most grown-up grown-ups will still love peeling strips off these fruity rolls and enjoying the colors, the flavors, and the fun.

Candy Watches and Candy Necklaces

A real blast from the past, you may wonder how you’d ever forgotten the thrill of popping these on your wrist or around your neck and carrying your sweets around with you. These hard candies on elastic will remind your loved one of a time when life was a lot simpler than today; although now they come individually wrapped for freshness.

Barratt Chewy Nougat Bars

Older adults will remember nougat playing a much more significant role in the sweet market than it does today. One for the more sophisticated palate, maybe, these have a well-balanced combination of nutty and sweet flavors.

Customize Your Hamper to Suit the Recipient

Of course, when creating your hamper, you may be aware of certain considerations, such as people who attempt to restrict their sugar intake or have special dietary preferences. We stock sweets for everyone, including vegetarian, vegan, and sugar-free options. We also make it clear when sweets contain potential allergens like nuts, for instance, so you can select the most appropriate sweets for your loved one.

Your Sweet Candy Source

When you decide to give sweet hampers for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other occasion, you have to be sure you’ve found the right supplier so that you have a plentiful choice of the highest-quality sweets on the market.

And that’s just what you’ll find at Sweets and Candy. We have such a lot of choices, you won’t know where to start. From your favorite American candies to retro sweets and just about anything in between, you’ll discover all you want to put into your basket of sweets and more. We ship around the country and offer free delivery for all orders over £25. Don’t hesitate to visit our online store today and check out our impressive range of confectionery in store for you.

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